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    So, I’m throwing this out there just as I’m hoping for it dearly, please don’t hate me for asking about something related to Seed.
    Since there is a HG Revive Freedom on it’s way, anyone think it’ll rub off to a new MG Freedom 2.0/RM?

    • I can see that happening, they’re also releasing a robot Damashii Freedom and Justice soon so those two are definitely on Bandai’s mind. I hope we’ll see a new MG of each soon.

    • There’s nothing wrong with liking Seed, i know there were major faults in the storyline alone and the characters seems to be a bit questionable but heck the mechs from that series are one of my favorites.

      Another this i wish they make is MG of of the Meteor Unit for either Freedom or Justice. I know they came one on HG version, but i want MG!

    • Even though I think original MG Freedom is great as it is. I’m all for RM Version, only if that mean’s we’ll get MG Justice as well. Oh and I want MG Forbidden, Calamity and Raider Gundams too.

      • Yes, the original MG Freedom looks fine, apart from some design flaws, IMO, like the all joints for the hips and stickers for the beam riffle…
        And I have to concur, a MG Forbidden, Calamity and Raider would be awesome. Being on the subject, how about a MG GINN, BuCue, Skygrasper and Mebius Zero?
        But a Meteor Unit in MG form…? If I have to be honest, I’m afraid that never is going to happen. The HG is over half a meter long, so a MG would be a meter or so, not to mention the price. It’s like the Dendrobium I guess 🙁

        • I’d love it if they made a MG GINN and the Waltfeld LaGowe and a BuCue. The Skygrasper would also be awesome if it could hook up with the striker packs

          I agree that the METEOR units are huge, and probably costly but if enough interest is there, Bandai would probably make one, after all it is still a business for them.

          • Yes, I can’t understand why Bandai didn’t made a Sky Grasper with the release of the Strike Gundam RM. And release it with the Sword and Striker Pack like they did with the RG. I guess selling the packs as a P-Bandai exclusive brings them more money???
            Also, nobody would have ever guessed they’d do a Neo Zeong, but they did. So maybe we would be indulged with a MG METEOR Unit. Who knows except for Bandai…

            • I really don’t think P-Bandai Items would really make that much profit for Bandai. They’re not really that expensive compared to where the original kits they’re based from plus they’re only limited run. The people who really benefit from them are the shops in Ebay or other online shops who sell them for twice the original price.

              The Neo-Zeong is the ultimate badguy mech in the Gundam UC series. so i thick they would really make one. but remember its only a HG kit. But imagine it in MG form. It would be super expensive but awesome.

              I believe the striker packs from older MG Strike can be used in the Strike RM right? So i guess they already have the molds for it. It’s only a matter of them packaging them up to be sold separately. But I agree with you I wish they make a the the MG METEOR, Justice and Freedom RM, plus i wish you could swap the arm part from a S. Freedom to it so i could use the beam shield instead of the original

    • Yeah, that’s what I meant, selling the Packs as a normal release would make them more money. I guess that’s their controversial way of thinking…
      I’m not too sure about using the older Packs on the RM. I believe there is a difference in the mounting parts on the shoulders, but have to check some reviews to be sure.
      As I’m holding back from getting the MG Freedom, I can’t see a way of swapping the arms with the Strike Freedom, which I have in my backlog. Maybe it is possible swapping the upper arm, and not completely with the shoulder.
      Should I ever get the MG Freedom, I’ll try it out and I’ll let you know!

    • I think I rather have a MG Saviour then a 2.0 Freedom. Unfortunately it’s not nearly as popular so Freedom seems way more likely. I wouldn’t mind though with a MG Justice too hopefully!

      • I agree with you that there are too much suits that deserve a MG but didn’t get one. A MG Saviour would be very nice, let alone a MG Justice. Still can’t believe why they didn’t made one at the time. But maybe we get lucky

      • How about some of the badguy mechs, in MG form? the Providence from Seed, Virsago from DX. Reborn from 00, etc.

        Another on is a MG Akatsuki from Seed Destiny, only because i want to put it beside the Hyaku Shiki V2