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    Got my 1/100 Hover truck set in the mail today. Had to snap one, really cool little build. Plastic feels like it was made by Koto, pretty sturdy stuff.
    • It looks like its not together because i have the fans only held in place by gravity. When you push it together, it’s really tight, and it’s a pain to take apart.

    • That thing has a lot of little details on it. Would make a good handpainting project, haha.

    • It’s mostly one color so i’ll probably airbrush most of it and use mig washes and pigments to make it more militaristic.

    • So that’s what you’re going to use those products for. Curious to see the results. I’ve just recently heard of Mig products and they seem to be good stuff.

    • Wow that’s a neat one. Where did you find those ? I need to get one so I can make the whole 08th team.

    • You can buy them on ebay, Around 25-30$ shipped. Search for 1/100 Hover Truck. Each set comes with 2 tanks. One in this color and one in a brown color, along with a bazooka that can be used for a MG. Not a fan of the bazooka though,