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    Hello everyone ^^
    I want to paint a kit mettalic red,and i dnt have airbrush…can i achieve good results with tamiya metallic red spray paint,or should i buy clear red instead and spray it over the allready red kit?

    • there are a few ways to paint metallic color.
      mainly in two ways: (let’s take red and let’s use spray)
      1) metallic red spray can (doh~, I know)
      2) spray a silver coat, let it dry up, then a clear red on top

      for both, remember to shake well.

      • Ty,i will try it in my Astrays,im thinking about buying the Sengoku Astray while waiting for the blue and red frame to restock,and might paint it metallic purple

        • sorry I haven’t been checking into hlj for a bit but to add to that you should put down a gloss black coat before the silver, most silver paints tell you this on the can, metallic paints have a bit of transparency to them and the black makes the silver just a bit more vibrant.

          Also I’d probably go for a mica/pearl over a metallic if you can find it, for me the effect is just that much better.

    • ahh I see well can’t really do much about the selection you have, but since you asked about metallic red I assume you have that available atleast. if you can then get a blue, silver/white, gold/yellow, and black/grey then you’re pretty much set for most things kits with Gundam in the name.

      Also don’t feel that having metallic paints on the kit means everything needs to be metallic. mix and match, you may just be pleasantly surprised by the results.