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    The Plamo contest winners were announced! Congrats! Did any Gundam Forums members make the cut?

    • Unfortunately not. I thought for sure somebody from here would win.

    • Nope, doesn’t look like it. Seeing the winners for the Beginner category, I think mine got bumped up, which I should have expected (Candy coat for a beginner, seriously?). Oh well, it was worth a shot, haha. Congrats to the winners.

      Got to say, I’m very impressed with the 1st place winner for the Advanced Category. Nice to see a non-Gunpla model being appreciated.

    • doesn’t seem like it but, at least we can all share our entries now haha

    • I don’ know why I feel disappointed, I didn’t think I’d win anything. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the Beginner catagory. I don’t have anything good to say so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

      • All I know is that the Beginner category winners were way more advanced than what I’m capable of. So I clearly have much to learn. 🙂

      • Yeah I know what you mean Brotzmann, I’m surprised no one here got awarded anything. Oh well, RG, MG, or PG…maybe even one of the regular models I have next time, got a Spitfire Mk something, an A-10a, Tamiya Mercedes C9 Group C, Tamiya Mazda 787b (both the Lemans winning 55, and the 56).

        Got confused about the username section, did they want the name being displayed, or the one that it’s tied to (which is what I used)?

        Anyway, here’s what I submitted to them, I know some of you have already seen the entry, but those were some phone camera shots thanks for the positive, and constructive feedback, now I have to work on the areas that were pointed out like seam removal on future builds

      • I totally feel you, Brotznann. I feel some people here deserved it more.

    • I didn’t expect to win or place either. I just wanted to challenge and push myself to a new limit. Which I did. So I’m happy with that.

    • I liked most of the winners and the 1st Place Advanced definitely took me aback. I didn’t expect a Car to take the cake.

      Happen to know if there is gonna be another this year? or if there are any Model Contests? (I searched Gundam Model Contests in Texas and nothing of the sort came out which kind of made me sad lol)

      • To be fair, the Tyrrell is a classic car, and it has a ton of detail put into it, that is not standard, like the engine wiring, and the wiring loom for a start.

        • Oh definitely didn’t mean to discredit it. It was gorgeous, like they said an actual F1 that ran the track would get dirty in a certain way and that Kit felt almost as if it was a carbon copy of a real one ._.

          • Yeah I don’t see many car builds that get weathered, last one I saw was an Aston Martin Lemans 24 hour from 2007 or 2008, there’s another thing I need to learn…Weathering.

    • I kinda forgot to upload my pics by the deadline, despite having taken them back in late September. Seeing the winners in my intended category, I think I would have had a decent chance at placing too. Oh well there’s always next year.

      As for the winners, I’m actually disappointed about the two cars in the advanced category. They should have been in the intermediate category, since they were just really nice paint jobs. A diorama like the ship at sea or a truly customized kit like the custom Sinanju Stein should have won the advanced category.

      • The cars were modified, if you look at the progress of the Tyrrell build, you will see what he did to get that kit built, I’m honestly surprised it made the deadline, I didn’t think it would get there in time.

        • I stand by my opinion. The overall winner in particular did not deserve it. Having just browsed through the thread, I spotted at least a dozen more deserving builds. Hell, I’ve seen things on the forum more deserving. The winners of the Beginner and intermediate levels were deserving/understandable, but the choices for the winners of the Advanced category were very disappointing overall, especially when one considers the entrants that didn’t even get the runner up prize.