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    Hi guys, I seek your advice. How can I get good results using the Mr. Hobby Cute Compressor? I recently got it since I am starting out and I found out that the power is 0.03mpa, roughly a psi of 4. I also have .2mm and .5mm airbrushes. Since the power is considered weak, should I thin my paints differently? I’m worried about orange peeling.
    • 4 Psi is really really low. To get some paint out of your airbrush, either one, you need to thin the paint heavily. Orange peal is the result of a too fast drying paint, to avoid it one can add retarder to the paint. The most likely problem for you with such a low air pressure will be the paint splotching….. That’s why my advice is to thin the paint to a consistency of water/ a paint filter or get another compressor.
      Good luck and happy building

    • Hey man, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on this site site so I apologize for the late thank you for the advice! You’ll be happy to know that since then, I got the Mr. Compressor L7! I don’t know how to set up and use the air regulator though. T-T

    • 4 psi is really hard to work with. I use a wide range of paints in enamel, lacquer and acrylic and depending upon what I’m doing and which paint (not always small parts model kits) sometimes I use PSI as high as 40 that’s TEN times what this does. Even for model kits I have used over 10 psi many times. You’ll probably have to thin a lot. Pay attention to the distance to your model – follow the curves as you paint to keep the same distance over each stroke. Each time you change paint or sit the brush down for any time retest to make sure it’s not going to spatter. You mention if it’s a dual or single action airbrush. Dual action also helps once you get to know them. Finally, you will probably have to apply lots of thin coats (which can be good anyway in general). At some point if you use it a lot you should consider getting one with more PSI and with a good adjustable regular and water separator. My double action brush and single stage adjustable compressor with regulator and moisture trap was less than some Gundam Master Grade Ver Ka kits (not even PBandai). And once you get used to air brushing and get the results you see elsewhere you will never go back…