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    I recently started painting using an airbrush and I noticed that when I would paint, all that would come out would be clear liquid which I would assume is thinner, and not the actual color to be painted. I figured that I put too much thinner into the mix. What ratio of paint to thinner should I use?

    • depends on the paint. you kind of have to play around with it to get a ratio you like. for instance tamiya paint, some say a 1:1 ratio, i find that for 20 drops (pipette) of thinner i use 16-17 drops of paint. BUT i have been watching “Andy’s Hobby Headquarters” on youtube and he takes a fresh bottle of tamiya paint, opens it up and fills it the rest of the way up, leaving about 1/8th of an inch from the top of the jar, with thinner. i tried it and it works perfect.

      vallejo model air is supposed to be airbrush ready

      either way the “general rule” is if after you mix your paint and thinner pull a little up the side of your paint cup, and if it runs like milk you have it thinned correctly.

    • oh also, if you are going to mix your paint and thinner in the paint cup of the air brush, i find turning the cup to the side and putting the thinner in first, trying to not let it get down where the needle is until i have mixed it with the paint helps to insure that i have all the thinner and paint mixed together