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    Finally post my submission. Really excited to hear the result. Good luck to everybody. Here’s a sample shot.

    DSC_0641 (1024x768)
    • how is this beginner level

    • good work though

    • wrong category bro

      • I don’t know man. Compare my work to those in intermediate, it’s a baby to a giant. I did handpaint Tamiya clear green on the head camera lens and clear red on the visor. I didn’t paint the body and I drybrushed it with a sliver gundam marker. I scarred the body by scratching it with my modeler knife. I also drill holes with my modeler knife. I try it to make as canon as the one in anime and it’s my first time to attempt to do battle damage. So, don’t take me as an intermediate.

        • no offence intended man, but look at whats in this category. most are out of the box, panneled and decaled only. i think that’s the beginners category . im not the first one to tell you that its wrong category so it must be true, just an observation man. enjoy

          • Maybe we should let Syd and Ryan decide. I’m actually pretty pleased when people say my work would be in intermediate that mean I’ve improved.

            • I think everybody should stop giving you flak about this being intermediate. This is a heavily-weathered build that has some great panel lines. That’s it. It is not fully painted, and it is not modded in any way. This is actually less than some people who have entered in this category, and I’ve seen everybody’s entries for this group. I think this fits the category well, and you should be proud of the work you did.

              • Thank you for giving me justice

              • I couldn’t agree more, Bossguy. This kit is OOB with panel lining, weathering, and battle damage. The basics look to be done right and the extra stuff is icing on the cake. If it gets bumped up, that’s great.

                I like the reasoning for the weathering/battle damage too. Yes, it may seem excessive, but it’s true that the imagined situation and environment is what determines the overall look.

    • Good work and good luck! Agree with Bossguy and the others. You’ve done your best in a category that you yourself think is appropriate. Nice work.

    • LOL, this is sick! Great job mate. Damn, another trophy has taken! 😀