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    Okay i have a bit of an issue here, i was test running the panel line accent marker on the panel lines of my kit, but thing is, every time i use the mr hobby thinner to rub off the excess ink, it keeps erasing off the panel lines. Am i using the wrong thinner or something?

    • As long as it isn’t melting your plastic (lacquer thinner) you should be fine regarding the thinning agent.
      To be honest I need some more information.

      -What color has the label of the Mr. Hobby thinning agent. Don’t you know what you bought????

      -How do you remove the excess? A q-tip/cotton bud, cotton ball, tissue, moist paintbrush?

      My guess is that the product used to clean the part with is soaked in the thinning agent and as soon as you touch the part, the fluid just runs over the entire piece.
      The q-tip or whatever you are using needs to be damp.
      If you provide me the needed information, I’ll give you a more detailed description. Need something t work with…..

      • Oh, sorry about that. the thinner i used is the mr colour leveling thinner, and i used cotton bud

        • No worries 😉

          This is the bottle with the yellow label and the blue writing, right?
          If so, this is the cellulose based thinning agent, in other words, the lacquer based thinner.
          This is the wrong thinning agent. If not careful, it might melt the plastic if not careful. You where lucky so far….
          Try to get a hold on the light blue/turquoise label with white writing. This is the alcohol based thinner. This is more or less the same thinning agent that is used for the Gundam Marker Eraser Pen. If at all possible, get that one.
          I’m taking you haven’t painted your models, so using those will do no harm to your model.
          If you do get the Mr Aqueous Thinner, get some q-tips if you haven’t already. Put the q-tip in the solution and before using it to wipe off the excess panel lining, roll the q-tip on a piece of kitchen paper/tissue or any other high absorbent paper to get rid of most of the thinner so the q-tip is moist and not wet.
          When wet/drained in fluid, the fluid will run over the piece as soon as the q-tip makes contact with it.
          When swiping the q-tip over the panel line do it in a perpendicular motion to the panel line and don’t put a lot of pressure on the q-tip. This will make sure you hardly remove any paint from the panel lines.
          If this all doesn’t help, please let us know so we can help you further.
          Good luck and happy building!