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Costa Rica

What is your favourite model kit?

MG Unicorn HD Color

How did you get into this Hobby?

I saw the Unicorn Gundam back in 2009-2010 (cant remember when exactly) and I just fell in love with the Unicorn. I found the MG Ver.Ka Kit not long after and built it, an earthquake dropped it and broke several parts unfortunately, but a couple years ago I found the MG HD Color, and couldn't resist. Now I want to be a liitle more invested in that and will start building HG and RG kits real soon.

If you were a model kit, which kit would you be?

Good Question… Sengoku perhaps? ( I like the Katanas :P)

Which plastic model kit would you like to see in a 1:1 scale?

Wing Gundam EW

Iron Man vs Batman who wins?


Gundam vs Macros who wins?


Tank vs Plane who wins?