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    Ive decided to keep working on my vual conversion.. the lower right needs a little more putty work ,but its going ok
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    I never expected hand painting would be THIS hard. I prefer spray painting from now on but since this is an SD scale, i still opt to finish it via hand painting.

    • What’s giving you trouble?

      • First is the thinner:enamel paint ratio; I don’t know how much is good enough.
        Second is the drying and curing time.
        Third is whether application of a second color and thinner on the same piece would damage the previous color (planning to paint the sword a silver but afraid it might mess up the red details there.

        Thank you for the concern! 😀

        • Enamel paint goes through a chemical reaction as it hardens that makes it unresponsive to thinner – so layering and such are fine, if you give the paint enough time to fully cure.
          This also can make enamels a bit tricky to work with, because if you’re not careful there are ways to disrupt the chemical reaction, preventing the paint from hardening…[Read more]

          • Thank you for the detailed explanation, I will always keep these in mind. 🙂

            And yes, I use a separate container for thinning my paints to keep the maintain the paint’s original condition. I think one aspect that I cannot fully grasp yet is the application of several coats (I’d like to see mine as is upon the first coat) but now that I am…[Read more]

            • Basically, in hand-painting large areas, it’s usually expected that there will be some unevenness in the color of a single coat. If you can see brush strokes in your coat that’s OK (and it should even out after another coat or two) – the thing you want to avoid is brush marks that you can feel – if the brush leaves physical unevenness in the…[Read more]

              • Thank you for the explanations; these are very enlightening and relieving at the same time as I now have a guide whenever I hand-paint. 😀 I’ll definitely have to use sandpaper on some parts once it cures to see how things react.
                Wow, the show sounds very informative; I’m gonna watch it. 😉

                • Yeah, Plamo Tsukurou’s practically legendary. All kinds of really amazing builds on that show, including several episodes on Gundam and other anime subjects. I don’t think they still make that show unfortunately.