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What is your favorite model kit?

Any Zaku kit.

How did you get into your hobby?

I was arrested for vagrancy one time and after the booking, they showed me a table with some model kits on it. So I got to pick out a kit which turned out to be one of the original HG kits, the RX 178 Mk II. Anyway, they had a contest in the jail and it was pretty cool. I found out later that Scott T. Hards supplied the Gundam kits. Thanks Scott!

If you were a model kit, which kit would you be?

I'm partial to Bandai because of the amazing engineering…but I would definitely have water-slide decals. I wouldn't want to be walking around with the stickers peeling.

Which plastic model kit would you like to see in a 1:1 scale?

Mak 3K Krote or Grosser Hund

Iron Man vs Batman who wins?


Gundam vs Macross who wins?


Tank vs Plane who wins?