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    I don’t know if a group like this has been created before, but I thought I’d go ahead and create it anyways. In my opinion, I would LOVE to see a PG version of the Astray Blue Frame Second Revise. But since Bandai already released the Astray Red Frame I highly doubt there would be a Blue Frame release. Imagine the Tactical Arms II, but PG size!

    • Bandai did release a PG of the Strike Rouge after releasing the Strike so it’s not beyond imagination that they could do something similar and release the Blue Frame. I don’t think it will happen, though, as it’s been too long since the Red Frame PG released that people’s tastes have changed.

      • You’re right about the Strike and Strike Rogue. I forgot about those two. I was wondering also if Bandai has ever considered releasing PG versions of special weapons. Like a PG version of Tactical Arms IIL for the Red Frame. Or Full Armor for the RX-78-2.