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    After much googling I’m still bit confused about what paints are “safe” to use on ABS parts like the RG and (some) MG frames, so wondered what your experiences and preferred solutions are?

    I’m using thinned Mr Surfacer 1200 through an airbrush for priming (Mr Hobby Aqueous, Tamiya and Alclad main coats), but tests on some ABS sprue do seem to weaken it, even after misting coats on. The loss of strength isn’t huge, but wanted to get some advice and possible other solutions before trying a full frame!

    • I’ve airbrushed Mr. Surfacer 1000 on to ABS with no apparent problems. However, the damage that the lacquer thinner has on the ABS plastic will take a month to a full year to show itself. Tamiya acrylics should be safe if they’re thinned with their acrylic thinner, and any water-based paint will pose no threat to the durability of it either.

    • I find the vallejo model air paints are great. they seem to work well with other topcoats as well. they are acrylics so no problems with damage to the plastic.

    • Thanks for the tips! I’ve picked up some Vallejo Surface Primer and so far so good – very mild and silky smooth finish, but does need a few days to fully cure. I’ll also give the Mr Surfacer another go, as I didn’t know the degradation from lacquers would take that length of time to appear.