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    Hi, I’m new to airbrushing and still doing alot of practice (creating a clown gouf with all the paints I’m testing).
    I’m using Vallejo paints, but sometimes I get bubble’s in my cup and my nossle get’s gloged resulting in bad paint work.
    What’s the cause of this (not shaking long enough? airbrush not clean enough? too high psi? using 20) and what can I do to prevent it?

    • You might need to thin down the paint more.

    • what type of vallejo are you using? game? model colour or air colour? the game paint is a bit thicker, and the model colour is fine once you thin it down, but the model air range is made specifically for airbrushing, (tho i tend to thin those down sometimes as well.)

      • Thanks for the replys! I’m using the model air range. Thought that was easier than having to thin all my paints. Gues I was wrong 🙂

        • I’ve not used Vallejo before so I’m kind of guessing here…
          But the usual rule of thumb for airbrushing paint is that it should be “the consistency of milk” – very fluid but thick enough that the pigment can have an effect. Supposedly model air is formulated to be sprayed without thinning it down first, so it’s possible that something else is going on. But generally that’s my first thought when the airbrush clogs.

    • I have only used Vallejo once and if I remember correctly the hobby store guys said that you should use distilled water for thinning it and not anything alcohol based. Might be worth a shot.

    • I have found that I need to shoot Vallejo at a higher psi than most of the other paints I use… I think of it as I would a primer… If you thin it too much you lose some qualities of the paint such as adherence and coverage, so before you do any thinning, push up your psi. Like Ben said, mid 30s are a good place to start. If you ultimately do need to thin, Vallejo’s airbrush thinner works very well. I am not into brand name thinners usually, but this is one thinner that I do buy.