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    Hellvin - "@teetee580 Hello friend. Did you finish the PG Unicorn?I just finished my and boy it was tough.Mainly because I tried to add 12 more LEDs to light up the Unchained parts.It was a failure as they didn’t light up […]"View
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    Styraxtwinblade - "MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex Great build and managed to fix the white gate marks."View
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    MYK1997 - "I find out that playing with the MG AGE-2 double bullet could be quite fun. The only thing that I must be careful is those legs."View
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    EnsignModeler - "I will see how things are going after one week… Picture!!!"View
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    Shen Ivan - "Anyone could help me out?? :'( My little brother broke my wing holding polycap of my mg aile strike rm. And im desperate because I cant get the spare parts in the UK or other them from Japan.. :'("View
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