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    Hi all. I’ve bought the PG 00 Raiser. It doesn’t come with a stand as stated on the HLJ page. But on of the pics show the 00 Gundam and the 0 Raiser on the same stand but separate. Does any one know where to buy a PG size stand? thanks.

    • The stand came only with the first orders as I’ve heard somewhere on the web. I believe it was by Rrobbert184. I’m also searching for a stand for the PG Astray Red Frame, though not that hard. I’m sure the PG Sky Grasper came with a stand. Maybe an option would be ordering these parts via genteikits? I don’t understand why Bandai doesn’t make them so we can order them like we can order Action Bases…

      • A real bummer. It’s one of the two things I dislike about the PG line. But I did manage to find a stand on Ebay for PG size kits. It comes with multiple adaptors like the stands for HG and MG. A bummer as well that my strike freedom and skygrasper stand don’t fit the O Raiser.

        • Could you give a link to the site on E-Bay, please? And I’m curious to know what the second thing is you dislike on the PG line. Thanks in advance