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    Heya guys, so my PG Strike Freedom should arrive in about a week, but sadly I can`t wait that long. Can any1 tell me its size with wings spread ? I need to know if it`ll fit into a 20x20x40cm display box ?
    Thanks 🙂

    • I’m guessing: No.
      The suit itself in 1/60 scale will measure 31.46cm. As the DRAGOONs on the backpack are roughly 3/4 of the height of the suit, 23.6cm, it may stand in that display case, but not with the wings folded out. I even doubt if the width is big enough to be honest.
      Maybe someone else has a better idea, or better measures.
      Building a MG version at the moment, but it’s not assembled yet, just in the process of cleaning up the parts, but maybe someone else can give you the measurements of a 1/100 scale and maybe then you could do some math to calculate the measurements for a 1/60 scale.
      In a few weeks I can give you my MG measurements, but I guess that’ll be too late…
      In any case, good luck and happy building