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    Well fellas, Bombshell: I lost my job today…

    • That sucks, sorry man. Care to share what happened?

    • Pretty much fellas, why I was let go was a blank to me cause of the shock of the news. all I know is is what my supervisor said. I will not tell you what she said to me, cause that in of itself was vague to me. All I know is that im out of a job and im on the hunt to get back in the saddle. Pisses me off that after 6 months of busting my ass, coming in on my days off to cover for someone whos sick or if their kid has pendicidis (or however pronounce the ailment involving the apenidix organ) and they have to take them to the hospital, and more importantly, taking care to avoid being short of 100 F***ing dollars in my F***ing register, they hit me with not one…but TWO papers to sign for termination. one for being negative 3 dollars and (heres the kicker) one being 6 DOLLARS OVER!!!!!!!! WHAT THE F*********************************************************************?!?!! (CENSORED)!!! (CENSORED)!!!!! I GAVE THOSE SLIME 6 MONTHS OF MY TIME AND PATIENCE FOR MINIUM WAGE, GETTING A F***ING WARNING FROM THE DISTRICT MANAGER THAT I HAVE TO AVOID BEING UNDER 100 BUCKS AND THEY CAN MY ASS FOR BEING 6 DOLLARS OVER?! BULLS**T! NOW I HAVE TO FIND A JOB CAUSE MY FATHER CANT WORK ANYMORE AND MY BROTHERS CANT HELP ME CAUSE ONES IN FORT BENNING PREPARING TO GIVE HIS LIFE FOR OUR GREAT COUNTRY AND THE OTHER IS TRYING TO PREPARE FOR HIS OWN MILITARY CAREER AND EDUCATION. I HAVE BEEN A VERY PATIENT MAN IN MY LIFE BUT THIS PUSHES ME TO MY F***ING BREAKING POINT! GOD-GUNDAM DAMN THOSE SLIME!

      (starts to breath heavily and tries to calm down)


      I am really sorry about that guys…but I needed to vent…badly…man there are times I had a real lightsaber and the Force…or a Gundam :p

      • let me rephrase that last part: Typo

        “Man there are times I WISH had a real lightsaber and the Force…or a Gundam XD”

        • It sucks to hear that happened to you. Retailers tend to like making trumped up charges so they churn through employees and keep their costs down and maximize their own profits. Try not to take it personally. Institutional greed is likely at fault; it’s the way they operate nowadays. Best of luck in finding a new job.

          • Thanks for the thoughts Z. And yeah im not letting this knock me down. im getting back up and im going to get in gear and start job hunting…as soon as this storm passes over 😀

            • Whoa dude, sorry to hear that. Greedy moneymakers.

              • Sorry for me blowing off steam like that fellas, but I had to get it out. thanks for the condolences 😀 but fear not I should be able to get back into the game real soon lol

                • Hopefully you have a decent backlog to keep you busy in the meantime. 🙂

                  • Actually, I may have something to keep me busy other than model kits (finished most of em…still waiting for that part to come in for Loftwing…backordered)…

        • Wiz33 replied 9 years ago

          That s88ks. Wish you all the best on the job hunt!

    • Could have sworn I posted on this last night. Sorry to hear about the job man. Hopefully you’ll find something else really quick.

      • Thanks all guys. Me, im just gonna throw out some lines to see what bites, keep in touch with you guys, hope the forums come back up and hang out on SWRP for a while lol