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    Haven’t been here for a while now. ^_^ how is everyone?

    • Heya. I’m feeling good overall except I am a tiny tiny bit nauseated.

      • Late reply so i’m sure you’re not nauseated anymore @savvi
        entered anything for the late competition?

        • Yup, I’ve entered a 1/144 Geara Zulu from the Unicorn series. I don’t think I’ll win anything, mostly because there are so many other better modellers in the competition. I even saw the a awesome painted Warhammer fig, those miniatures are tiny and that modeller did a awesome job with it (Intermediate section). Also, in the same category, someone did a excellent fem bot that resembles Drossle Von Flugle style.

          How about you? Entered anything?

          • Yep. But mine was just on the beginner level. I did a 1/100 MG MS-06R-1A Zaku II ver 1.0 all I did were detail with Gundam metallic markers. Some panel lining… I think I could have done some seam line removal… But I didn’t. Check out my pictures if you can. I really like the out come, but like you, I am not to sure of a victory in any placement.

    • I’m doing pretty well, I’m in the last few days of my summer holiday at the moment so I’m pretty much gaming and modeling until school starts back up. What have you been up to @jecht-kian ?

      • Nice! Wish I had summer holidays. My last days for school was June 2007…. Now, I’m all work and gunpla and kids. As of now, just kids and work, busy busy plus Valentines is coming up. I work in a kitchen restaurant by the way. Can’t wait for that to end, so i can get back to building. Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays @corn-wizard
        by the way, what games are you playing?

        • I picked up Pokemon X to play with my friends and have got about 30 hours on that but the main one is monster hunter 3 ultimate… which I may have gotten 350+ hours played since I got it earlier last year. Also league of legends which pretty much everyone plays now.
          Any games you play between work, family and gunpla?

          • I actually got a 3dsxl around October for the pokemon x. I played for a while, anytime I had time for myself without gunpla, but at my cousin, who was my secret Santa got me the legend of Zelda link to bbetween worlds? Lol forgot the title already, since New year came, I got my delivery and stopped playing for a while. New delivery means a new set of backlog, meaning I had to work on my sinanju.
            I haven’t played l.o.l. yet, like w.o.w. I really want to, but it will really eat my time away with family and gunpla…

            • Apparently that Zelda game is really good but I haven’t bothered checking it out yet.
              L.o.l really does eat away at your time but I only play with my friends for a bit of fun so I’m not nearly as badly affected add others.