• Hi I am from the Intemediate category and would like to seek the advice of advance modellers here on where I can improve. I am about 95% done, left with some highlights and washes and pigments.
    Looking forward to your advice – Thanks
    • really really good.
      Maybe a bit more definition in the body of the figure. For instance the inside of the elbows could use a small bit of shading to bring it out. Typically it’s two small vertical lines where the bicep inserts into the elbow area. The back could use a bit more shading. Boots and pant bottoms look a little clean for desert…[Read more]

    • oh and really advanced would be a small sheen of sweat in places.. maybe a small amount of gloss mixed and blended in certain areas. And a removable towel of course….

    • Thanks so much for the constructive feedback. Especially tips on how to improve the figure, will work towards those details in the following weeks. Oh yes the towel is removable and I painted the details under the “hood” too 😉

    • I can tell that is very good work so far, people is my weak point so i can not tell you, but be sure on the terrain have track, steps be sure the robot and the pilot walk that otherwise it seems they just appear in their sites

    • Yes very good point. Now there are no steps haha. Thanks for the advice.

    • I havent much i could add really,its looking really nifty already,i do no the ammoknights suits do not walk but fly so maybe no foot imprints for the armour just the figure,also i do agree with dscrimager your dio should be in the the advanced category.
      If you really like these kits i would join the maschinen krueger forum,we are not a bad…[Read more]

    • Thanks for the compliment. I will definitely check out the forum. This is my first Ma.K Kit and I love it. I see myself building more of these in the coming months.

    • That’s super work! I like the contrast of the clean pilot and the dirty vehicle. The only thing I can think of would be to connect the two by having something of the vehicle on her. Like the heart could also be on her helmet or as a tattoo. Sort of a link to have the two matching in one way. But I’m being more artsy and not modely here…[Read more]

    • Thanks for the tip I know just what you mean. Initially I made her pants the same Colour as the mech, the it looked like I just threw light brown paint on everything, then I made the helmet brown red. It looked cool on its own but when you put it all together, it distracts you from the face, which is one of the main focal points. So I just blended…[Read more]