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    Hey guys! What should i do to secure the decals on the mg unicorn phenex? Thanks for your time!

    • I suggest using a water based clear gloss. Vallejo makes one. Please don’t use an acrylic by Tamiya or MrHobby, as they are alcohol based!
      First spray on two very light coats, where the product leaves a “grainy” effect. The last coat may be an all covering/thicker one as the gold parts and decals are sufficiently coated to protect them from any chemical interaction between the mechy plating and the propellant of the spray can. This of course doesn’t apply for using an airbrush.
      Good luck and happy building!

      • Thanks a lot! I am probably going to topcoat it in unicorn mode to avoid the psycho frame. BTW, i didnt know tamiyas were based on alcohol!

        • For smaller decals, due to smaller sticky surface area, you can try Mr. Mark Setter as well. Since Phenex has a special coating on it, I would try the Mr. Mark Setter on one of the runners first, to ensure it doesn’t damage the coating.