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    Hey fellow Gunpla-ers. So I’ve made progress on my retribution kit! I scratch built underskirt detail with PlaPlate (first time scratch building and using PlaPlate in general), added some PlaPlate in the empty areas in natakus shoulders, and also I am in the process of removing panel lines (first time using putty). Definitely made tons of progress, but not yet done. I still plan to add some PlaPlate underneath the Dragon Fangs, and I still have to remove the heads seam line. I still have to get or make appropriate jewels for the camera lenses, obtain a pin vice so I can bore out some holes, repair the Double Beam Trident, and scratch build covers for the knee armor. I think after all that is done I can then move on to priming, painting, panel washing, and adding decals. Still a lot to do but it’s getting done.
    • It’s shaping up well now, I like the details you put in under the skirting armour.

    • @corn-wizard Thanks a lot. Scratch building is definitely something new to me. Each skirt armor is three thin pieces cemented together. It’s a little rough hear and there, but I should keep improving. Thanks for the kind words. Happy building!