• FlashX007 posted an update 7 years, 10 months ago

    Hey syd I figured I would ask you if you would like to become a judge for an upcoming contest I am holding. To celebrate the summer time and to give everybody something fun to enjoy together this year. I don’t really have anything set in stone just yet but I am looking for feedback for what people want to see in a contest and for judges. If your up for it I would be honored if you accepted becoming a judge.

    • Also if you can’t let me know if you know any friends or modelers with good skill and experience who would like to get involved and judge. ^_^

    • I’d need more firm details before I could consider it. I’ve currently been asked to judge another comp and I am trying to arrange summer break family plans so I can’t commit to anything if I don’t know the dates or details. Keep me posted.

      • Ok I’ll let you know when everything is finalized but no worries. Family comes first so I hope you have a great break!

      • Ok so far the start date as of now is unknown because it’s still in the works but the deadline will be in September. So if your fine with September it would be great to have you on board. September 10th would be the deadline more precisely then all of the judges have the rest of the month to go through and pick their favorites. Let me know. You can also email me for further questions.