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    This one is ready to go to comic con. Time ran out so no funnels and more than likely no weapons unless i can get a beam saber done in the next few hours. I will be finishing this kit to completion once i get back, but for now the suit is done. Now i have to figure out how im going to pack it up for the ride.
    • how did u paint up the hands did u do that or no i always have difficulty painting those joints one problem with them and ur screwed in

    • whaaaat I couldn’t find any stand that can hold my sazabi up, I tried twice and they broke xD

    • DAM!! That’s one hell of a great model. WELL DONE! You’ll do great at the Con. I’d love to have that model in my collection.

    • well i didn’t place at the con but i did learn a lot about what the judges look for in a build. thnx for the compliment and i plan on getting better quality pic up once i finally finish the funnels and weapons lol.