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    With the clear coat completed on the Zabanya, it was time to return to the second of my three HG projects I started before the KA. I originally planned on using the Koto Sniper Rifle on this kit, but a better idea came to mind. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. I thought it was a much more appropriate custom weapon.
    • I am loving those shades of Blue man. And the rifle looks excellent.

    • Haha, actually, I haven’t painted this kit yet. This is the one I’m planning to try digital camo on. A bit more fixes on welds and then I can prime by the weekend.

    • That is one sick kit bash for the rifle you’ve got there, D! Even better that it doesn’t look like the rifle’s weighing down the supporting arm any 😀

    • How did you make the rifle? Anyway looks good. I want to get that kit when it’s in stock at my online store.

    • That looks great. The gun fits the GM suit so well, you could’ve fooled me if you said that it came with the kit originally.

    • Certainly fooled me. I thought you had painted it already. But a digital camo sounds like it would look fantastic on that Sniper.

    • Thanks, man! The rifle is pretty light, only slightly heavier than the standard rifle. It helps a ton that the GM Sniper II’s arms have solid joints. The only thing that may sag is the ball-joint for the trigger hand, but some primer and paint can fix that easily.

    • I cut out the handle/stock from standard rifle (since it’s the key for having it usable without issue with the kit), fused it to the Gelgoog rifle you can build with the 1/144 System Weapon 002 set with the handle/trigger sawed off, then sawed off the front barrel portion of the Gelgoog rifle and fused in the barrel from a System Weapon 001 Zaku machine gun. I had a leftover silencer from my HGUC Jesta Trio so I put that in instead of the standard end for maximum tacticool effect.

      Get the kit when you can, man. It’s pretty darn nice.

    • Thank you, good sir. I honestly think this rifle is one of my rare strokes of genius so I’m really proud of it and how it came out. Hopefully the transitioning area I made with Apoxie Sculpt between the handle and receiver comes out good when I prime.

      The tiny trigger area was a b*tch, though. Had to fix the area three times before settling on something uber simple.

    • I guess that’s the magic of a bright photo, haha. That and this place doesn’t allow for anything higher-res without external links. I’m going attempt the digital camo on a spoon first and make sure I got the methods down. I’m switch to all lacquer paints on this so any screw-ups will take more time to fix.

    • Oh wow. That is pretty genius!