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    A picture with the bagged runners was requires to enter. I’m a lot late… But here it is anyway.

    • You’re officially in the Group Build now, haha. No worries about the end date or anything. Take your time and submit whenever.

      • Dlinker is right man. We just put a deadline on it for the the sake of doing so. Doesn’t mean that you have to have it done by then.

    • I’m not worried about a deadline or starting really late. What I’m really worried about is messing up…

      • I’m sure you will do fine,worst cones to worst paint strip easy,I’ve learned that much. I just screwed up my gouf custom for the second time lol

        • I’m more concerned with nub removal. I’ve never used sandpaper or files to remove gate remains before, and although the results appear to be cleaner than my previous method, I feel that it is more prone to failure.

          • I’ve always used a good old hobby knife to remove nubs, and I count the bad slices on cuts on one hand. I wrap the four fingers on my dominant hand around the blade and then use them to pull the blade towards the same hand’s thumb, while holding the part with my off hand. This gives me much more control over the final product than sanding does, although the potential for damage is higher as well.

            • ^should be: ” . . . I can count the number of bad cuts on one hand.” This is out of over 80 fully assembled kits (most of which are Master Grades with hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities to screw up per kit).