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    Dangit, forums acting up again D:

    • Here we go again. 🙁

      • Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. I thought they said the next round of fixes were supposed to keep this from happening again???

        • And the time before that. 😉

        • I wonder what the issue is this time. To be fair, though, they never announced that things were completely 100% back to normal and functional again after the last downtime.

          • True. Oh yeah, check your inbox here. Sent you a message since our PM chain is currently halted >_>

            • Yep, I got it this morning. I still have to dismantle the kit and pack it up. I got the box ready at least, haha.

              • Well that’s great, started up the RP again yesterday after a few days pause…and Database errors…yay.

                At this rate I might just start a free forum for the RP’s to avoid data loss and any major drops, I understand s*** happens but this is geting ridiculous at this point.

                • That wouldn’t be a bad idea. Hell if there isn’t already and anyone is willing to spare the coin, why not create a Mecha/Anime RP Forum?

    • well looks like the waiting period started again XD.

    • Atleast it wasn’t just me x.x;

    • And I realized I had just updated my kit listing the sale thread before it went belly up. Bah!

      • I only wanted to see everybody’s updates to what they were working on x_X. Also gripe about not be able ever find a decent priced Hguc Nu or Hi Nu XD in stock.

    • I couldn’t even login this morning due to the errors. I’ve already sent MCGundam an email about this. Which, I haven’t talked to her in weeks. So I’m afraid that I don’t have any light to shed on the situation guys.

      If I hear anything, I will let you all know.