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    Just finished my first Diorama! Master Grade RB 79 Ver Ka as Construction Pod. I wanted to portray it in a sort of repair situation with the beautiful inner frame exposed.

    Base is from the Metal Gear REX kit, with some scratchbuilt supports for the panel and engine.

    • WOWWW..thats freakin beautiful..nice job bro

    • Very nicely done! Love the weathering on the ball. Even the thrusters are beautifully weathered. If I may ask, how did you perform the paint chipping? Is it done using the hairspray technique or using a sponge? It looks really realistic. Again, great build!

    • Thanks! The chipping is grey painted on top of the base yellow with a torn section of dish sponge; the yellow portion of those ubiquitous yellow/green scrub ones. I then in-painted on some of the chips with a metallic color to give them a bit of depth.

      I wanted to use the hairspray method, but my testing did not go well, so I went with my fallback. It’s a technique a lot of people have treat sucess with, so I need to experiment a bit more with. I try to use acrylics for everything, and they just might not be durable enough to stand up as the undercoat. In my tests almost any amount of scrubbing would go through the top coat, and damage the undercoat exposing the primer or plastic.

    • Awesome work, realistic weathering!

    • i want your ballllll