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    I’m currently watching Gundam Wing and G Gundam. I’m not sure how I feel about Wing yet. I’ll have to watch more episodes in order to make my decision. However, I am loving G Gundam. It’s so different from your average Gundam show that I almost can’t treat it as such.

    • You’d never seen Wing before?

      • Nope. I’ve been staying pretty much within U.C. I was staying away from Wing because of the things I’ve heard about it. Thought I’d give it a try since I ran out of things to watch.

        • Ignore the haters. It has its flaws, but it’s a very good show, and still my favorite. Like many others, it got me into Gundam, and when I rewatched it two years ago (first time since 2000!), I still loved it.

          • I don’t hate Wing, but it is the absolute worst Gundam series ever made. People in the West tend to give it a pass for its flaws because it introduced them to Gundam. It has some great moments on rare occasion, but overall it’s pretty meh. It’s kind of like Star Trek Enterprise in that way.

            Flawed as it is, I’d still rather watch Wing than 90% of American TV shows though. 😉

            • Forgot to mention it, since it should go without saying, but G Gundam is freaking awesome. I don’t know where you are in the story yet, but once it gets to about episode 10 or so, it’ll really kick into high gear.

              • Everyone has their own opinions. Me personally, i think G gundam is a POS, it’s not even a real gundam show. They should have just used the concept and made a Super robot show instead. Gundam is about war, not guys in leotards fighting in a tournament.

                • You do know that it was never meant to be a “real” Gundam show, right?

                  As far as I’m concerned, the only real Gundam shows are set in/connected to the UC.

                  • As Zeta-G said, everybody has their own opinions. I’m almost halfway through G, and I really like it. It’s just pure fun.

                    I’m only five episodes through Wing, but I still enjoy it. The openings are nice and fast paced.

            • Enterprise is VASTLY underrated. A lot of people have been rediscovering that show since the Blu-ray sets came out, and kicking themselves for either missing it or trashing it in the first place. 😉

              • I actually like Enterprise a lot more than Voyager. All Star Trek and Gundam series are good to some degree (although that cannot be said for every episode). It’s just a matter of degree. Zeta and DS9 are simply the pinnacles of their respective franchises and so they naturally make the other entries in their franchises look worse than they actually are. I’d happily take Voyager, Enterprise, Wing, and G-Saviour over American Idol and 90% of the other crap that the major networks crap out.

    • After watching Wing a second time, I actually liked more than I though I did. I does have its flaws (bland heroes, over-powered MS’s, not a lot of ace pilots), but for what it’s worth it is a decent gateway Gundam series.

      • Being the first Gundam series I ever watched is the only reason I’m not writing it out completely from memory, haha. I don’t have interest in watching the whole series again, but I’m more than willing to watch Endless Waltz despite the impractical WZC taking center stage.

        • Was G Gundam that one where they have fights like a tournament, or was it before Zeta Gundam, I don’tremember now, I have watched a few series back to back.

          • G Gundam is the one with the tournaments. It is the first AU, and the fifth full length Gundam series overall. Zeta is the second series.