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    Does anybody here have any tips with MM enamel spray cans? I’ve heard some bad things about them, but they’re my only choice for the reverse wash.

    • In my experience, the nozzle tends to clog up very easily. So you might want to clean it off after every use. Shake it well for a good 2-5 mins, and natually do the the light coat method. Enamel from cans can build up in layers and pool extremely easily.

    • Light coats would be best. Enamel paint can be pretty thick when it dries, and it’s very easy to pool the stuff up when using a can. And I’d spray around 8 inches away. If you feel like it’s covering to much to fast, you can always adjust.

      What colors are you using?

      • Thanks, man! I’m using black for the reverse wash. Those darn sleeves are annoying.

        • Which kit are you working on might I ask?

          • The HGUC Kshatriya. It’s been quite a while since I attempted to build a HG. The nubs are rather troublesome, though this kit is special. Sanding the nubs down is giving me a lot of trouble. I keep sanding divots in the plastic and it just bothers me. It makes me want to make another one after my skills have improved.

            • Yeah, I’ve done that before myself. It gets really annoying. I hope that you have some good luck with the reverse wash. It certainly does the job well.

              • Thanks. Do you have any trick to avoid sanding divots in the plastic? I’ve been doing that ever since I started sanding nubs, and it’s really getting old.

                Thanks, man! The details on the parts are actually a lot smaller than I originally thought it would be.

                • I normally use 400 grit til I get down close to the main part. Then I switch to 800 to smooth our the rest. Then to 1500 to take the roughness away. I normally try to keep a close eye on the nub when I start getting really close to the plastic. Taking a few strokes at a time til it’s almost flush, then get the rest with the 800.

                  And yeah, I’d say a few of them are about the size of the Sinanju’s. At least you don’t have to deal with ever annoying shield.

            • Sanding down nubs takes practice. I’m still working on it myself. Often, I find myself having to sand down even more of the part to cover up a prior mistake of sanding down the nub area too much.

              Can take a looooong time to do, too.

    • Yep, the most tedious part of painting kits. The dreaded sanding. Aye, I don’t miss it. haha. Got any pics? Or are you just prepping the parts? And are you going to paint the whole kit?

      • No way. I’m not going to repaint another kit for a WHILE. I’d rather enjoy this hobby than slave away in the garage.

        I do have some pics if you like, though they aren’t very interesting, haha.