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    When will hlj starts taking replacement parts order again? 🙂

    • don’t think this will happen anymore. from their email, bandai is setting up a online parts replacement system for those outside japan.

      that’s why hlj and other places that did parts (genteikits etc) has stopped this service as well. that or it’s too much trouble (time and money) to be the middle man for it. they didn’t have to do it as the manuals does say the replacement parts service is for japan only but they still did for customer service 🙂

      for the longest time, there haven’t been any updates on any new system though…

      • @daverb , Thanks for sharing this mail with us! That would be awesome if Bandai will finally do this!
        And how cool of you to write them an email. How did you get the email address if I may ask?
        Sorry, I’m just curious as a cat 😉

        • i found the email address and instructions here:

          but i guess it only worked back then and they even covered the replacement under the customer’s responsibility (in short, even if you broke it). it seems they’ve stopped and so i got that reply from them after a week or so. i was so bummed…

          i was honestly surprised that they even replied lol looking at the comments on the video, some are saying it worked for them and it looks like it depends on the location. might work for some countries in asia.

          • Damn as usual only Italy in Europe is granted this service.
            In France we are a lot of Gunpla fans and it’s been years we’re relying on personal friends in Japan to get replacement parts. Each time we are sorry to disturb them with this so when I saw your topic I was like “YEAH FINALLY!”, then I watched the video and saw the email sample and was really disappointed.

      • Thanks for sharing that. It’s been a while since I login. 🙂

    • im just gunna throw this out there but on ebay theres a guy that sells certain gundam parts like astray, quebeley and other kits so you may want to check that guy out
      also i know that gundamstoreandmore sell specific gundam parts too so if ur lucky and they have that one it might be good too

      • North America and Italy… Damn, Holland is out of the question then….
        Ah well, maybe it’ll change in the future.
        Thanks for replying!

        • It’s been years that Bandai supports only Italy in Europe, that’s a shame and I don’t think it will change soon.
          I know someone who was fed up with the GBWC contest rules and went on a trip to Italy to participate. He managed to apply his Gunpla but when the guys saw he wasn’t Italian they told him to get the f… out.