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    I had some time again, very busy at work lately, so hope I’ll be able to finish this.
    • Sweet…looks intimidating and unique so far, like a mandala and devil gundam had a baby in the IBO universe.

    • Looks like some of the old artwork for the Baund doc. I lile it.

    • That was the idea, I love the Kobayashi designs and in dragon’s heavon this design is reused in a different scale and a bit more organic, closer to the original sketches.
      A japanese modeller calling himself Alaya made something similar before, I’m using his mainly for inspiration (hence the lack of a-symmetry in the arms)

    • Hehe, that’s one way to look at it ^_^

    • Fair play that is looking pretty sweet!!!!
      You have achieved the slightly creepy organic Kobayashi look , I do like the way you have built the spine section.

    • Thanks, was dubbing the spine part as the original and most sketches use a cloth cover for the snake-part, but I suck at sculpting and like open mechanics a lot.

    • Don’t sculpt the material, use real material that’s what I usually do.
      Or should I say that’s what I’m gonna do.;)