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    My latest video shows off Beargguy GPB-04b!

    NEW BEAR GUH GUY! Bandai Gunpla Build Fighter’s Beargguy GPB-04B — g-g-great!:


    • Beargguy III, as the “III” suggests, is a later version of the Beargguy.
      Beargguy is from Gunpla Builders Beginning G a 3 episodes OVA from 2010. You can find the OVA on youtube. It’s only around 10 min each (note: not about gundam club)

      At 1:45 of the video, you showed a picture of China Kousaka from Build Fighters while you are pointing at Rina Noyama from Beginning G.

      For more info on any mobile suit, you can always refer to Gundam Wiki and here’s the link for Beargguy: