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  • From Bandai comes a new Figure-rise Standard kit of the standard version of Amplified WarGreymon from the anime series “Digimon”! Join us as we take an in depth look at this stunning beast of a kit which you […]

  • This week we’re taking a look at classic “Naruto” goodness with Bandai’s Kizuna Relations Naruto Uzumaki figure! It’s fairly small but leaves a big impact with all of the effect parts from the Rasengan, as well […]

  • A bit of a smorgasbord this week as we take a look at the latest Build Divers release the Gundam Jiyan Altron, the One Piece Grand Ship Collection Ark Maxim and another SD Cross Silhouette the almighty […]

    • More gunpla!! And the One Piece Ark Maxim looks so sweet!!

    • Yes please, JIYAN BUSTER RIFLE

    • i haven’t built any megami device kit before so i am exited to see it. i personaly liked the design of the SOL Rapto kit and can’t wait to for it to be released.

    • Holy cow I want that Astray No-Name. The Build Divers suits have me so excited. I can’t wait to see what else they have coming. Although I would love to have a model of that Tequila Gundam they had on the earlier part of the season.

    • Those Cross Frames Silhouettes are very tempting! Might have to try one of them soon! Can’t wait to see the RG Sazabi when it come out!

    • that zaku reminds me of the one from MS saga

    • 46°C heat index is to high. Stay safe and drink lots of fluids.

    • I’m looking forward to the SDBD Zeromaru from the Cross Silhouette line. I’ve always been a fan of the BB Legends / Senshi line, which tends to have better articulation and accessories than the more standard SDs.

      As far as Megami Device goes, the joints in Pretty Magical Girl look kind of gappy and strange. I could understand people getting it just for the effect parts — however I find Chaos Witch to be the more interesting of the two, as she comes with an AI hat and a variety of guns. So I ordered the Witch using my 2,000 yen store credit, so thanks guys!

    • The HG XXXG-01S2龍虎狼 Gundam Jiyan Altron gives hope that we might get an HG XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam; or ideally some more RGs from Wing EW .
      I’m waiting for the SDCS 00 series.

    • Nice, thank you ^_^

    • I’m really looking forward to that Astray No-Name. Apparently it’s been getting some flak from the fandom, but I think it’s a really nice-looking design.

    • It hurts my soul when someone uses a hard M at the end of Gundam.

    • Are you guys gonna review the new Figure-rise Naruto when it comes out? I’m pretty interested in that.

    • Heres hoping. This may help on shipping some things from the private warehouse.

    • I’m loving the new SD kits!! If I win I would use the free money to get that new Zaku!!

    • Jiyan Altron is a give away that we will have an HGAC Altron in the future

      Plus the original Voltron is from japan, with the original name Beast King Golion

    • You see I’ve been through the desert with an Astray with no name~
      I am definitely getting two so I can make one with two capes, or maybe try to make it symetric, or maybe I will just give it to my gf, but I am definitely getting two.

    • hellgatex likes big bulku mobile suits and for contrary I do not like them. Sazabi is just too bulky for me 😀 And one of my favourite mobile suit is 00 Qan[T]

    • Jiyan’s got great kitbashing potential

    • I’m disappointed in Bandai. The Jiyan Altron and the RX-Zeromaru were the only ones that I liked designs from Build Divers yet :/

    • The stickets on the Jiyan Altron make my inner lazy model builder scream in a panic, but i guess this model is another step in the journey to get all the Gundam Wing kits in high-grade scale, cant wait for the Heavyarms.
      ps. Im looking forward to next week to see the figurerise Kamen Rider Build, his current season has been one of the best in Rider history and i would love to see how the model compares to the s.h. figuarts version that i have :]

    • Hello, I’ve been building only high grades until now for budget reasons mostly.. but it’s been a long time since i wanted to try RG’s and MG’s.. Now i just can’t wait to see that RG Sazabi… This is one of the Kits i’d love to get in the RG line with the Sinanju, ’cause I think HG versions (even if decent) don’t do justice to the design and details of this Mobile Suit (and because the MG line is a little bit too expensive for me..) I’m currently finishing painting my 1/144 HG Gundam Bael (and next ones will be the 1/144 HG Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina and the 1/144 HGUC NZ-666 Kshatriya ! Just need to wait for my 2 tones of metallic green spray cans…) and also i’m looking forward to get the RE100 Gundam Vidar.. or maybe.. if a miracle occurs, i’d love to get my hand on the MG RX-121 TR-1 Hazel Custom.. these kits are of the ones that just looks so badass.. Would love to build and paint them !!

    • The Astray No-Name is very cool. that transforming “cloak” is a cool figure. got to get it as soon as possible

    • Altron looks awesome! Zaku too!

    • That magical girl has one mean mug. Can’t wait to see who at HLJ you find to build it.

    • I already got the other Megami Device magical girl but sadly its currently stuck in the private warehouse of the site as i hade a item who was reaching its storage deadline before the kit was releaced. So it’s stuck there untill i can get some more money.

    • Sieg Zeon!

    • A step closer to full main Wing Gundam lineup.

    • cant wait to see the astray no name , hope it will be nice

    • Please build that Chaos & Pretty Magical Girl , I wanna see how it looks like. Also that SD Cross Silloute Zaku looks super cool , I wanna see more from that series. Please assemble all type of that SDCS when other kit are released.

    • These kits from the new Diver series are really looking fantastic!

    • A model kit Voltron sounds great to me.

    • the new hg kits from build divers is pretty meh to eh for me…. but that altron kit may lead to future wing gundam show kits and at that point…..

      I got pull, I hope y’all ready
      My tank on full, you know, unleaded
      I gotta go get it, I gotta go get it
      I gotta go get it, I gotta go get it

    • I also think that the last Gunpla Builders series is too childish! So childish that grown up man cannot see it at all.
      I’m old…I know that..old enough to see the first Gundam on tv. But I always liked all the Gundam series. I admit I had a few problems with ZZ Gundam. I didn’t like Reconguista for the plot. I liked all the “builders” series because they are fun and full of referencies.
      But this last “Builders” series is stupid and boring.
      Bandai failed in creating new MS that are just “variations”. They don’t have a real “personality”! Even the main Gundam it almost identical to the original one. The only kit that has it’s own personality and style is the Astray No-name! It’s the only MS I could buy from the series.

      • I agree with you there bro. I might not be as old as you, but I have see enough Gundams/shows/movies to concluded that Build Diver is just a mess. My primary issue is with the characters and narrative since it doesn’t feel organic. There is almost no growth with the main cast and the plot is weak at best. In life, when a group of people meet to conduct a certain task, the group will go through phases (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjouring). When someone new get added into the mix, the cycle starts all over again. This is what I don’t see with the main cast. Everyone just fits a static role and everything works out. Heck, the only one I feel is a dynamic character is “Tsukasa Shiba”, the pilot of the Astray No-Name as he actually has a story arc and motivates. Like pilot and gundam, they have both personalities. Maybe he is on to something about the GBN being boring, lol.

    • As an old Winger, I’m also hoping for a regular HG Altron release, though an MG (TV version) would be better.

    • Got to love the Build Diver kits

    • Hi, I’m interested in lighting up some 1/144 scale gundam kits. Is there an easy to use light up kit that you would recommend for beginners? How do you do it?

    • I hope we get that Altron released by the end of the year or at least early 2019!

    • Those Cross Silhouette look like lot of fun, got save me up some cash, awesome show and Lindsay take care of your hands0

    • Those Cross Silhouette look nice and I also can’t wait for more Wing Gundam kits in the RG line.

    • The one that I’m interested in is the megami device kit, it would be interesting to see you guys do a review on it.

    • These Cross Silhouette kits are very nice, love to build one.

    • I bet 2000yen that Bandai will make an MG Astray No Name. I mean… come on. The Astray is one of the most popular kits.

    • I’m hoping for more Gundam Wing kits – although I’m really after the Gundam Deathscythe – Shenlong and Altron are a bit weird, and we had a ton of martial arts gundam kits courtesy of Build Fighters/Divers. Also I’ve recently cosplayed as Duo Maxwell, Deathscythe’s pilot, so you could say I’m a bit of a fan, hahah.

      The Zaku looks pretty awesome! Might actually have to get it! As for the One Piece ship… yeah, sorry, I have no interest in it. Would probably buy it for the effects parts and sell the ship.

      Yeah, when you keep going back to referencing music from the 1970s, you just can’t hide how old your tastes are, Todd XD That song is definitely older than I am! Maybe you should stop listening to old music and finish building Gojulas the Ogre instead. How many years has it been since you started making that?

    • “Cause in the desert, you can’t remember your name”.

    • Todd was on fire this week.

    • yay i won!

    • win!

    • Great review as always Todd & Lyndsey!

      HGAC Altron please BANDAI!😍😍😍

      Will definitely get that SDCS zaku for a change.

      Arc Maxim is very detailed! I am considering to add those one piece grand ship collection for a while now. Any recommendation on what ship should i get first? Thanks

    • One Piece boats always fascinate me.

    • will you be covering the new DBZ kits?

    • Nice to see lots of interesting kits coming out of the build divers line.

    • A store credit will go a long way to save up for an RG Sazabi.

    • next, lets get to rg sazabi please

    • Hey gang, how many times can someone win the 2000zeni, and if it will impact the 2000¥ won before? Also I’m seeing a number of double posts and multiple postings from folk, hope that doesn’t impact other people winning the online store credit. With the Altron kit, I’m very much a Marvel fan and keep thinking people are saying Ultron! Haha. Great video as always chaps.

    • Just ordered my RG Sazabi from HLJ, been constantly refreshing the website until it came out of order stop and I’m glad it paid off. Maybe next time when I see something I want I’ll try to remember to pre-order and save myself the hassle.

    • I seem to only like bigs kits this year and i havent seem those in stock at HLJ for ages ( Dendrobian & Nightingale) While I was waiting patiently for those never to restock I have however saved up enough for a Mechanicore kit.

    • Hoping to winning

    • I’m still interested on those cross silhouette kits, zaku might push me into getting one

    • I wanna see the CS with Nightingale!

    • We better get some new gunpla models from the new live action Gundam movie. Revamp the old RX-78 and MS-02.

    • “It’s a GUNDAM!” I needed to say that to all the old Gundam Wingers out there. HG Altron Bandai, make it happen.

  • As the Build Divers anime series trots along so does the HG releases for the series! This week we take a look at the Galbaldy Rebake as well as the Gundam 00 Diver Ace! Whether these kits are going to be ace kits […]

    • Like the 00 Diver kits, already have a 00 Diver. The Galbaldy Rebake hasn’t convinced me yet.

    • Sorry for you Lindsay. But it’s a problem that can be cured, is it? Hope your hands will recover.
      I want to ask for advice. I don’t like to paint because it would cost more than using the included stickers. But the stickers’ color will be scratched away and reveal shiny metallic white after some time if I touch it regularly while posing. Can top-coat protect the stickers?

    • I always feel that the SD Zakus look really cute to me……

      I got pull, I hope y’all ready
      My tank on full, you know, unleaded
      I gotta go get it, I gotta go get it
      I gotta go get it, I gotta go get it

    • Nice episode, thank you.
      Speedy recovery ~ Lindsay. Take care ^_^

    • galbady is a good and chufty boy

    • The censorship in One Piece is hilarious, but sad at the same time. It surprises me that they can get away with that. I heard Dragon Ball Super is being censored in my country (Spain) too, deleting scenes of direct punches and things like that. How can that make any sense?

    • They see me Harro, they ballin’,

    • Looking forward to that Altron!

    • ZAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Haropla Ball almost had me with its adorable cannon on top until I saw the hollow spaces in the arms, but hey it’s only 600 yen.

    • Great show as always!

    • dude that guard custom looks so raaaaad i really wanna do a custom with it that shield looks super versatile!

    • Wow so much negativity surrounding the Jegan. I understand being that it is an older mobile suit design. but if you think of it as a base kit it is wonderful. I can wait to see what people come up with, after all the custom HG that people were making were insane.

    • My Zaku is on its way. I can’t wait for a Char CS kit.

    • Galbady Rebake looks pretty good although I was hoping it could be base upon Gusion Rebake instead with that mono eye. Yeah I also look forward to that SDCS kit, pretty good series indeed.

    • Hope ur hands feel better Lindsay.

    • Probably gonna pick up the Diver/Ace combo pack at some point. I find the Diver itself mediocre in it’s base form, but with the Ace Unit I’m kind of a fan.

    • Nice episode, thank you.

    • win!

    • Gundam Jiyan Altron looks pretty cool! Wonder when they will release a regular Gundam Altron..

    • Great Show!

    • Oh, 4Kids. Making censorship for anime a running joke for over a decade.

    • I’ve been waiting for an HGUC Sinanju Stein for a long time, since I didn’t want to pay MG prices for one — which is exactly what you have to do to get the HGBF Sinanju Weiss, or so it seems. I’d love to get one for a normal price. Or better yet, on sale.

    • That Gallbaldy would look neat if it weren’t for that duuuumb scissor weapon. If it were JUST a hammer + spike, it would be an insta-buy. (i mean yeah i could just glue it together but shut up)

    • The Jiyan Altron kit give me hope for more Wing Kits

    • great episode ! So many new stuff recently, wouldnt mind if there were more though XD

    • Great review! Not so much a fan of this Galbaldy, but it’s always fun watching you guys do reviews! XD

    • I will army build those CS Zaku and only my wallet will stop me

    • gotta love those THIC MS kits

    • Nice review, I am really tempted by the clear red piece that the Diver Ace includes, but since I already got the normal Diver, I am just going to go ahead and get the Diver Ace Unit.

    • I’m surprised that the Turntable L is very cheap! Mrhobby stuff is very good but usually you pay a lot for all that goodness! This time is very affordable.

    • that saku look nice…. first SC for me….

    • Yes, do a live build. It has been a long time.

    • Sad to hear your hands hurt Anna. But a live stream would be fun to have again.

    • Where is the finished Gojulas the Ogre? :v

    • Gundam wing needs more kits from the series. Starting with the mercurious and the vayatte. If I spelled those correctly lol

    • Galbaldy Rebake looks awesome!

    • I’m not galbaldy type of guy, Im more like the 00 diver ace, so dope

    • An the live build is a good idea too

    • I need to get a few of those new SD kits!!
      I’m sorry to hear about ur hands Lyndsey that would suck to not be able to build, I hope they start feeling better soon.
      And a live build would be awesome!!
      Love the show!!

    • looking forward to the altron!

    • That “HA” when Lindsey mentioned women should take notes.

    • The OO Diver ace looks great but I am really looking forward to getting the Pheonix.

    • Galbaldy….Gal….girl?….baldy…..baldy….bald….bald girl?!

    • I find a lot of my gunpla fall apart after they’re built and I try to pose them. I noticed the same on this episode of gunpla tv. Is there any kits you remember that are built rock solid? Not gundam but I have a votoms brutish dog and it stays together great!!!!

    • The Galbaldy Rebake is pretty darn cool looking, but the weapons look a little unbalanced, or that is just me. Sorry to hear about your hands, but hey, now you don’t have to worry about your cats messing with the kits.

    • Nice episode

    • So much Gunpla but not enough time to build any lol

    • Gumpla, gumplas everywhere!

    • Great show guys!! That GM is cool. That’s a Big A.. Shield:P

    • Very cool to have my 1st comment read out. A for effort on the pronunciation although it’s NZ ANGLIA not N ZANGLIA. My daughter had a huge laugh at that. Thank you for the link for the turn table. Just ordered it now. It’ll be fantastic for my model cars as well as my latest gunpla. Hope Bandai bring out a weapons pack similar to IBO. The Galbaldy is super hard core cool but would look even meaner with two of those huge hammers.

    • Had to laugh at Lindsay’s hand gun comment having just watched Inuyashiki. Superb anime.

    • One Piece fan here!
      I’m looking forward for Bandai to release HGAC altron gundam. crossfingers. lol
      I will be getting the SDCS zaku. hoping for your review of this kit.
      Nice review as always and get well soon lyndsey!

    • Not really sure about those Build Divers kits. None of them has really caught my eye so far.

    • I still enjoy the show even if the featured kit is not to my taste as the enthusiasm is infectious, however if the viewers comments were incorporated into the show as a scrolling text bar at the bottom of the screen it would add a dimension that could counterbalance any reviews of kits that viewers found uninteresting. Thus engaging interest and preserving longevity of each episode.

    • I really like the Galbaldy Rebake and I am totally going to pick one up but I simply can’t wait for the Moon, No-Name, and of course 00 Higher than Sky to come out. Build Divers has given us some amazing kits

    • If you were to have enough time.
      How would you fix the issues with the Galbaldy Rebake.

    • Speaking of things coming back to be available for pre-order, I keep checking that RG Sazabi… :'(

    • Looking forward to see your live build Todd! Also looking forward to win that 2000 yen coupon so I can finally buy that PG exia lighting model 😀

    • I prefer the big bulky mobile suits like the Galbaldy Rebake over the small lanky Gundams, and if they have big awesome weapons like the hammer pliers are always a bonus 😀 Might be getting one of these next month (even faster if i win the giveaway hehe)

    • Awesome show, lets get some Macross or Voltron love too 🙂

    • The GM Guard Custom looks nice and went directly to my top ten of the “next to purchase” items. I hope you can make a video about this kit as well.

    • I love big bulky gundam, and I hope they make the MG version of the Galbaldy as well

    • Looking forward to the GM Guard Custom. It has a nice amount of detail, which is usually not the case with GM kits.

    • I want to win!!!

    • Live build !!!

    • i kinda wish the gabaldi had more IBO in it. it seems like a good regular HG but im looking forward to them doing crazy stuff with an ibo base body.

    • It has been a while since I have watched Hobbylink.tv and I am still impressed by the quality of the videos and the new layout of the website. Anyways, I definitely would enjoy a live build of the RG Sazabi! Speaking of which, have you noticed that Bandai released the RG Sinanju on August 2016 and the RG Unicorn on August 2017. I have a feeling that they might release an RG Nu Gundam next August. One can wish right. Keep up the great work guys!

    • Do you think their will ever be a Gundam games show with competitors building kits.

    • I decided to buy HG Phenex without plating and paint it by myself

    • The diver ace really made 00 diver looks complete. without it, 00 diver gundam is missing something

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