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    while i wait for new ideas to fill my head for the KA, i decided to use my new tamiya weathering pigments to do some more work on the Terminator-esk Bearguy aKa project Kodiak. has anyone else gotten into the titanfall beta? figured i’d ask since we’re all fans of robots.

    • I want to play get Titan fall so bad, but I don’t have (refuse too) an xbox one or a PC powerful enough to play it,

      Good job on the weathering how hard is that stuff to use?

      • Nice use of the weathering kit there. Looks like the real deal.

        Haven’t played PC games in a long time so I’ll probably miss out on that beta.

        • thanks man! still have tons left to do.

          the beta was fun, i played it until i reached rank 14 (thats as far as they let you go). can’t wait for it to come out next month.

      • its easy to use, the key is to not over do it and even if you do, you can wipe it off and start over.

    • Not a huge shooter fan and the XBone makes it a nonstarter for me. The beargguy looks good though.

    • Got to play the beta on my friend’s XBone (good to see I’m not the only one calling it that), and I’m completely sold on adding it to my PC library. The moment where I ripped a Titan pilot clean out of his cockpit and threw him through a building = PURE BLISS

      I patiently await the inevitable anime skin mods for this game on PC, lol

      • i did that too! it feels so good to rip the pilot out! i have the beta for the xbone as well but, i think i’ll have to get it for both since my friends are split between console and PC… although the feel of the game makes me feel it might be more at home on a PC. i didn’t even think of the mod possibility… oh a titan that looks like a gundam would be freaking glorious haha.