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    Sup boys! working hard? lol ( bet you are )

    Quick question,

    Can you please kindly explain the difference between Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite and the Metal Build?

    Im confused…

    (any diorama building tutorial in the future?)

    • metel build= more detail and everything is glossy and shiny and its really metal, i mean all of it is metal
      metal composite= most of it is in somesort of metal but not all of it some of it is plastic well the outside armor is the inside is metal not as many decals no stand included cheaper on cost and plus not as detailed
      as for the diorama tutorial if ur interested u can use plastic pla plating, ever green and all sort of pipes and wht not cut it out to make a base of some sort just use ur imagination its not too difficult like making a base uses like some sort of rectangular base as ur bottom then scribe some panels if u want add some pipes on it and add some paint particularly metal colors like gunmetal and some grey and black
      if u want like trees and stuff just go to ur hobby store go get some of that molded clay and some grass trees glue it on a board in whtever way u think is nice and wa lah