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    It’s nothing too impressive, but I finished my latest Mechatro over the weekend (I love this series!) — Mechatro No. 3 Retro. Is it just me or does it look like an old Famicon?

    I haven’t built a Mechatro in a while so I forgot that there are no decals to be had here, and so he’s really lacking in detail. I’m a complete paint newbie; what’s good for these guys? Do I need to worry about under/top coats, or is there a good paint that doesn’t call for any of that?

    My only venture into paints so far has been with Acrision, which didn’t work well for me. It just sort of… “slid” over the plastic instead of sticking in place, if that makes sense.
    That said, I’m only up for brush painting right now; I’m not ready for airbrushing!
    Help! 😀