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    Congrats to all that won, I’m disappointed that I didn’t even place but I can understand why I didn’t. I may apply for different fields for next year’s competition and I have inspiration for it now. Maybe researching to see if there is a way to get more detail out of the RX-79 [G] Ground Gundam for a particular scene I want to recreate in MG scale. I already got research based imagery to boot. Now obviously I’m deciding to recreate something from 08th MS Team but I’m not gonna hint at which scene I’m doing until the very end of the next competition. I’m hoping that by then I’ll have a proper painting area for it. I know I’ll at least have the model available to me before the competition starts next time so I’ll actually have TIME to work on it.

    • I not try to harsh here, and if my comment offended you, I will apologize to you. If I’m a judge according to your model send to Intermediate class, many had ready to do slightly modification, spray can or airbrushing. But yours still in very beginning hand painting. Well, there is nothing wrong with hand painting, in fact mastering hand painting is even harder to mastered airbrushing. your hand painting still got many room to improve as I can clearly see the uneven stroke of paint. What I can give you some tips on color is – try to limit 3 color as max [on exterior], interior skeleton is up to you to paint.
      There is nothing wrong of your creative in kitbash, in fact it does looks good. Maybe try photo it with brighter light – example : living room, kitchen room. 🙂

      All I can say is brush up your painting skill if you wish the next win is yours. And one more thing, give 100% effort in all build, addition 20% – 50% on competition, and you could be the next winner. Cheers… 😀

      • First and foremost, I used the best lighting I had available. Secondly if you read in the comments in the last post I live in a very humid climate that was hit with drastically shifting temperatures. This leads to most model paints not setting well and to inform on the paints used the main black was done in Testor’s Black gloss spray enamel while the detail colors were done using a generic model paint pen set I happened to have. I already have stated that I’m going to have a dehumidifier when I try again next year simply so my paints can set proper and I won’t have to worry about mid shoot touch ups and the like. I don’t know how the humidity is in your area but most experience modellers (I’ve been building various kits for nearly 20 years) will tell you any day of the week that high humidity will always give you paint trouble.

        • Does 95-98% humid consider high? My place is exact that humid starting Feb throughout till Oct, so please… don’t give me an excuse you can’t make it work. You got 20 years of experiences? But that work you submit doesn’t sound like a 20 years experience modeler work at all. What have you been doing these 20 years? Screw it, I rest my case here. Apologize if I hurt you. But everything I said is true. Cheers. 🙂

      • Oh, one more thing… for my effort I had multiple delays in getting my kits to do the work. If I was able to get them when I wanted to get them (read in my past posts and you’ll understand) then I would have been able to plan my build more cleanly as well not to mention have gotten decals printed to improve the overall quality of the design. In fact I am planning on a rebuild of this construct to perfect the overall concept. But I will not enter that one into any competitions it will simply be to clean up my skills more.