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    Hellow, everybody I have a question for you, I recently started on the gunpla world and I want to do some panel lines using the panel wash technich on the kits I have but where I live it is very difficult to find the tools or type of paints available in other countries, I was able to fiind some water b ased Acrylic paints that I like but is it ok to do panel washes with them or is it just out of the question?
    I see most bloggers use Enamel but once again, that is really difficult for me to get here, if it is possible to do it with Acrilic, can it be thinned with water (I’ve tried but the paint does not run on the panel line, it just sits there) or what is the best thinner to use with this, Thank you very much

    • one way you can try is to wet the line first. It is sitting there because of water tension. It should run after you wet the line.
      Depending on the surface, it is also easy to paint the line directly then clean off the surface.