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    I completed these two kits a bit ago. The ikaruga kit was my first time adding a bit of paint and using waterslides. I feel like the kotobukiya kits pushed me into trying out different modeling techniques instead of just snapping together a gundam. Hope to get some more down the road. Maybe something from armored core. Those kits look really detailed.
    • Good work.

      Koto makes some very interesting models.

    • You might wanna try Armored Core & Frame Arms.

    • I have one in Black and I customized that one for the It’s a Gundam Annual Contest last year.

    • I guess its pretty much the same kit. I like how the wings turned out on yours.

    • They really do I have two kits from the Koto company and they have great features.

    • Thank you for sharing, and you did a wonderful job on the paintwork. I have these kits myself too, but I haven’t had the courage to start painting. Did you paint this with airbrush or paintbrushes? The kit is excruciatingly small, and I obviously had to glue some of the parts. Dunno if it’s possible to pre-shade.

    • All I did with them was hand paint the details with enamels, gloss clear coat krylon acrylic, panel line wash enamel, matte coat with krylon acrylic. Take the plunge. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you want its a learning experience. I’m buying an airbrush set this week, so I expect some failures on the way! Thanks for the encouragement.