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Kotobukiya Celebrates 1 Year Of Plamo Schoolgirls

The amazingly adorable and casual SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN plastic model kit series by Kotobukiya is officially one year old! Kotobukiya has decided to give the girl who debuted the line, Madoka Yuki, her birthday on the Anniversary, as well – January 15th! And, to celebrate, special illustrations have been released of her!

A blog post on Kotobukiya’s site goes on to explain that this series was originally not meant to expand so far, nor be as popular as it has been – starting out as a simple school girl body substitution part for other kits in Kotobukiya’s plamo selections. However, the SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN has proved to more than stand on its own two feet and will continue to see more additions in the line in the form of alternate outfits for the girls, and even more members to join the SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN line!

Happy Anniversary!

We’re looking forward to seeing what new stuff the SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN series has in store for us in the future! Come at us, Kotobukiya!

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