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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 140 – MG Build Strike Full Package – Gundam Thunderbolt!

Now back to your regularly scheduled (kinda) programming. Gunpla TV returns with our first ‘real’ episode of 2014, number 140! In this episode we show the first HGs released for Thunderbolt Gundam and have show off our preview copy of the MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package! Ryan also laments his decision to spray paint a cement kit on the runners.

MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package-12

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HGUC V2 Victory Two Gundam
1/144 HG FA Gundam (Thunderbolt Ver.)
1/144 HG Zaku II & Big Gun (Thunderbolt Ver.)
1/20 Kuster & Friedrich Special Box
1/35 P.K.H. 103 Nutcracker
1/100 MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. Thats a tricky problem there ..Ryan maybe you could try this ,look for floor polish called Future ,it can can hold the part in place and won`t eat the paint , though usually its used to make a clear coat over transparent pieces, eg: plane canopy. It can be used as a sort of glue ..

  2. I like Ryan’s shirt the best. Just because I’m not a big fan of yellow shirts. Sorry Syd.

  3. Hey Ryan, if you want to strip the paint, try using oven cleaner. A cheap brand should do. Just put the parts you want to strip in a watertight container (like a freezer bag) spray oven cleaner on the parts, seal the bag and let it soak for an hour or two. You can wriggle the bag a few times so the cleaner reaches every nook and cranny. Afterwards use running water and an old toothbrush to clean off what’s left. Be sure to wear rubber gloves though because oven cleaner is caustic, you don’t want the stuff on your skin! The cleaner I use does not eat the plastic but you may want to try it on some old runners first, just in case.

  4. Not sure how cold it is in Sano city, but it’s -15 C here and those shirts were making me really nostalgic for some summer heat. I loved Syd’s tropical motif but I have to give the edge to Ryan’s shirt for its crazy intricate design. Nice.
    Two questions for Ryan: Has you Japanese improved alot, like your modelling skills have, since you been living in Japan?
    And did something happen to your lip?

  5. I hear there is going to RG Exia gundam, looking forward for the new product from Bandai. Hope you guys can show it because it looks so awesome


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