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S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Gohan Review

When S.H. Figuarts got on the ball and decided to release DBZ figures in the line, they were the figures I had always wanted. Great sculpts, poseability,

SD Sangokuden Kousonsan EZ-8 Review

When the term SD Gundam comes to mind, thoughts are immediately sent hurtling towards memories of the 1980s OVA series or the much more recent SD Gundam Force.

High Grade Future Century God Gundam Review

I was very excited when the announcement came of the extension of the HGUC line of 1/144-scale Gundam models. The first entry, the Gundam X, received much praise from me and I looked immediately to the next non-UC kit, G Gundam’s titular God Gundam. Even though G Gundam has gained a lot of attention following the initial 1994 TV series,  I was kind of surprised by its announcement, as the 20...

MG Unicorn ver. HD + Cage Review

Saying that I’ve been excited about Gundam UC is a bit of an understatement. The plamo machine that is Bandai has popped out what is now the third version of the Unicorn Gundam in its Master Grade line. This version, now the HD Color edition, comes in with more bonuses and kit improvements in the hopes of squeezing out 7500 yen from your wallet. While many would scoff at buying the same kit ...