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All-Japan Model & Hobby Show 2010: Tamiya

In this report HLJ’s Brian and Scott take a look at some of the upcoming armor, ships, bike, and Formula One models coming from Tamiya.

Some oldies but goodies in the world of large-scale armor are slated for a return with the re-release of the 1/25-scale Jagdpanther and even larger 1/16-scale Leopard 1A4, and fans of 1/35-scale WWII axis armor can look forward to a Tamiya/CMK collaboration with a Panzer 35(t) tank and then of course there’s the StuG III Finnish Army version, adding new parts to Tamiya’s excellent StuG III kit (ignore Brian when he erroneously calls it a “StuG IV”!). Brian wraps up armor with a look a the upcoming 1/16-scale R/C M51 Super Sherman.

From there we take a peek at the new 1/350-scale IJN heavy cruiser Tone, then it’s on to two versions in 1/12-scale of the YZR-M1 racing bike and a great figure of MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi. We continue the racing theme with Brian and Scott checking out the next round of Tamiya Formula releases, including a Lotus Type 79 1979 variation, and both 1/20 and 1/12 re-releases of the McLaren M23 and Wolf WR1 F1 racers. Pictures speak louder than words, of course, so check out the video!

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