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    Hey Gunpla TV!

    Great Episode Syd and Ryan! Thank you so much for giving us the up to date info from Bandai and the other Model companies!

    I do have a possible reason to the Zaku II not getting a MG 3.0 at this time. Bandai may be holding back for Gundam Origins to roll out and possibly release it at that time if they decide to bring it out.

    • There’s that, which would mean it would be at least a year till one does get released/announced, or it could be that they have everything planned, and they’re more focused on getting ready for Reconguista in G which starts this fall.

      • maybe we’ll get it for December. I really don’t see Bandai release anymore huge kits. since we are getting Neo Zeong, MG Hi-Nu Ver. Ka and Nightingale already.