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    Hi guys, I’m a complete and utter N00B when it comes to building Gunpla and other model kits in general, so I was hoping that some of you would be able to answer some of my questions!

    1: Flat Coating
    I have to do spray painting outside, and the temperatures where I live now can range from around 4-16 celsius. Would that be too cold for clear coats?

    2: Knife
    I don’t have the money to order a proper hobby knife at the moment, but I do have an old Stanley knife lying around. I’d like to make my nub marks a lot cleaner, and I was wondering if Stanley knives can be used on Gunpla. Here’s a pic of the kind of knife I’m talking about:

    • GN replied 7 years ago

      You could use that knife, but it’s not really the right tool for the job. If you can’t get a special craft knife, medical scalpels also work very well and art shops tend to stock them, and being re-purposed medical equipment they’re cheap. A good pair of snips is also worthwhile too. After trimming the nub, a bit of good sandpaper goes a long way to cleaning up real nice though.

    • Will replied 7 years ago

      X-acto knives are like a dollar a piece. Don’t know about refills on the thing but it’s hella cheap. I just bought a full set in a dollar store (well not exactly a dollar store but an equivalent)(foreigner alert) for about dollar fifty. It’s not that great and feels cheap but it’s better than a box cutter. Also it comes with a magnet. So wooo. I am entertained easily.

    • You may find at that temperature, you will get some blotching/mottling. I too live in a cold climate and have issues with clear coating. Warm the can up in warm water (not hot!) and if you can spray indoors eg in the laundry or bathroom, it will make a difference (clear coat should be OK inside). If you have to spray outside, check it first on the runner (paint the runner as well) to see if it will mottle. If it doesn’t, you should be OK to go. If not, you will have to sand and spray again! Id suggest maybe investing in a spray booth which may make things easier so at least you can spray indoors!

    • Tim replied 7 years ago

      Will and GN got it right: a craft knife, no matter how cheap, will work much better for you.

      Regarding nub removal: I can’t stress enough that a file is a better way to go than trying to carve them off with a knife. Again, it doesn’t need to be some incredibly expensive one. Just a cheap flat file with reasonably fine grit. This video shows just how quickly you can get perfect results using a file: