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    I started building in September 2016 and I have only done straight builds with some small details hand painted. Late November I ordered 3 kits from the HLJ website and in late December I decided I would buy an airbrush (which I still haven’t used).

    Oddly enough my first half of the HLJ purchase arrived in the mail a week ago and today the other half arrived so I guess I got lucky as far as timing goes. It feels like I am throwing myself into the deep end here as I will be trying out painting, weathering and scribing for the first time.

    Currently I have 3 MG kits to choose from: Ez8, RGM-79G & RGM-79N. I will probably work on the Ground type but I’m not 100% sure about it. I will think it over the weekend.

    • Combine them into one super kit!

      • Baby steps. I’m ok with jumping into the deep end. Not looking to jump into the middle of the ocean just yet.

    • Painting is my favourite part of model making. I remember when I ordered my first airbrush set – some cheap airbrush and compressor. Next month I’ve sold it and got something more decent.
      Hope you’ll like painting too 🙂