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  • wldeyoung posted an update in the group Group logo of What just arrived from HLJ??What just arrived from HLJ?? 5 years, 1 month ago

    Its finally here! First PG and Im so excited to dig right into it after I finish my Ez-SR custom build
    • Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh I plan to. Have you started yours? Im still trying to decide if I should paint it or just straight build it and just enjoy it as is.

    • Just have to do one arm and the head. Then it’s on to the weapons. I’ll post some pictures soon. Have some difficulties uploading the pictures from my phone to the laptop.
      I’ve painted all the parts so far, and I have to say, there are no issues whatsoever with parts not fitting or sanding parts to get them fitted after painting as is the case with some MG’s.
      If you decide not to paint the kit, I suggest doing panel lines. There are not a lot, but it breaks the white in a really good way

    • Enjoy! this is a great kit. I built and applied the decals and topcoat. It looks great, paint isn’t needed but I would say to paint. Just to add that extra level of detail.