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    Well I ordered the Robot Soul Spirits Leo from ebay. Was an auction but it ended up costing the same as it would have if I just bought it. It’s from the US so hopefully it should be here in around a week. The Zaku 2.0 should be here tomorrow or saturday. Can’t wait for it. Would have been here sooner but seller was confused about my address for some strange reason. Annoying. Also sanding down my hold failed hy-gogg but wondering whether it’s worth it since it’s taking a lot of work. Wow that was a long post.

    • Which Leo did you get? I’ve got the flight version, and it is awesome. The option pack is a must, too!

      • The flight version. It was an auction so didn’t really have a choice. Anyway I was wrong and it turns out I saved about £8 so that’s nice. Didn’t even know you could get it without the flight things. Yes definitely. I was a beam saber to go with it.

        • There was an original Leo release without the flight pack, but it’s considerably more expensive. And pointless, because the flight version has the same figure plus the jetpack! The option pack with round out its armaments with the saber, cannon, and the must-have shield. I highly recommend it.