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    Added a number of lines, and ended up filling in several of them that looked out of place. I tried to make curved lines on the shoulders and ended up with a mess (in the heat of the moment I went through with all of them, but they look terrible and I think I’ll putty them as well). So in terms of scribing, I still want to fix the shoulders and add some detail to the sides of the chest and feet.

    Also, I noticed that somewhere along the way I managed to file/sand a huge gap into the cut I made for the leg seam. It’s enormous! I’m going to put a plate there to fill the gap.

    • I have been researching gunpla on Japanese sites in my ciggarette breaks and one phrase I keep coming across that makes sense is “Learning through trial and error”.

      You can only improve by pushing your limits and trying stuff out is fun – I am also going to attempt some techniques that are currently untested yet I feel this is the fun part mwahaha

    • Certainly is a learning experience, haha.

    • LOL I am still at work (real work) so just popping in here to check things ojut now and again – it’s likely to be a trial w errors on my part haha